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Stud Dogs

Expert Stud Dog Breeders

Your Trusted Stud Dog Breeders

At Donnybrook Kennel And Inn, we've been producing exceptional hunting Labradors of sound health and intelligence. If you're looking for dogs capable of providing an enjoyable day afield, whether hunting upland or waterfowl.

We have a variety of stud dogs in our kennel. Our stud dogs have a list of their health clearances and AKC performance titles listed.
  • Special Agent M2 - MH, QAA. Call sign "Bond"
  • Stormin Norman - SH. Call sign "Norman"
  • Aimeez Diamond is Teddys Flashy Fella--MH. Call sign "Ryder"

Call us to find out more about our stud dog breeding services!
We've been in the business for 30 years.
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