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Complete Dog Training

Check Out Our Sensational Training Record

With over 30 years of experience in training Retrievers, Doug Janes Jr and Lesley-Rae Karnes offer you and your dog the personalized training necessary to bring out the best in any Retriever.

There are 30 covered runs with protected inside sleeping areas and a secure, fenced airing yard. The heated clubhouse and indoor training center are ideal for cold weather basic and obedience training.

Our training record includes:
  • 5 AKC Field Champions
  • 4 AKC Amateur Field Champs
  • 3 Doubleheader Winners
  • 6 National Finalists
  • 48 Master National Finalists
  • 10 Double National Masters
  • 250+ AKC Master Hunters
  • 300+ AKC Senior Hunters
  • 300+ AKC Junior Hunters

Retriever Training Program

Donnybrook Kennel And Inn specializes in the training of gun dogs for upland and waterfowl training. Doug hunts 80 days a year in two provinces of Canada, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wisconsin and Ohio.

To prove the quality of our breeding stock, we participate in the AKC Hunt Test Program. All our dogs are trained and in top physical condition.

First Month

Our first month training program includes:
  • Kennel environment socialization
  • Detailed evaluation of personality, desire (birdiness, attitude in the water, etc)
  • Ability to accept training
  • Simple land and water retrieves
  • Fetch and basic obedience

Second and Third Month

Our second and third month training program includes:
  • Introduction to decoys and obstacles
  • More complex retrieves with boats and hunting blinds
  • Steadiness
  • Control
  • Basic handling with whistle stops and simple hand casting
At the end of the third month of training, your dog will be able to hunt all upland game and waterfowl.

Advanced Training Program

Before enrolling your dog in the advanced training program, your dog's ability will be evaluated. At the end of this program, your dog will be capable of long blind retrieves, complex diversions and difficult multiple marks.

After the completion of this program,  your dog should be able to qualify for, and go on to title in AKC Senior Hunter and Master Hunter divisions.

“Going Down South” Program

Every January, we travel south to Georgia/Florida to give your dog a head start on field and water work. Make sure you inquire early as the space for this program is limited. Call us at 920-668-6511.

Gun Dog and Obedience Training

We also provide obedience training as well. Call us to find out more about our obedience training.
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